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Life is short. Time goes by quickly. Living an unhealthy lifestyle steals precious years and steals your independence. Robbing you of time. Robbing you of memories. Robbing your family of the person they love. You can slow the aging process right now. It's never too late to embrace a new healthier lifestyle. We will help you take the small steps that will help you to feel your best, look your best, and live a longer, happier life. Our online anti-aging lifestyle and brain health courses are your first step. Together, we can do this.

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Allison Knox Blankenship, MA, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Allison Blankenship is expertly qualified to mentor and coach you on your health journey to a longer, happier and more vital second half of life. She is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and holds a Master's Degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. She is also a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), a Bredesen Protocol Coach and a Certified Gluten Practitioner.

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My Story

"I am 60-something. And I'll be damned if I'm going to look it act it or feel it. I've got more to give and a lot more life to live."

Why in the heck at age 60-plus did I close a lucrative business, go back to school, create this website and build online courses for you? After spending 20 years as a corporate executive (yep, the corner office came with stock options), and then another 18 years as a successful solo entrepreneur (a wildlife educator, but that's another story), why not put my feet up and retire under a palm tree? Can't. I've got more to give and a lot more life to live. And you do, too. I have important things to share. Things that will change how you live the rest of your life.

Like you, I lived the standard American lifestyle. Followed the health trends. Ate the USDA's low-fat high-carb food pyramid with lots of whole grains. Chugged diet sodas and used the pink or yellow packets to keep my weight down. Went to occasional yoga classes and paid for spurts of gym memberships. Took a daily multi-vitamin. So, the changes that appeared seemingly overnight in my early-50's took me by surprise.

I was losing the razor-sharp brain that was my trademark. Why did I come into this room? What was the name of that restaurant? Where did I hide my diamond ring? And, physical changes. Stiff joints in the morning. Knuckles red and swollen. Stairs were a no-go. A muffin-top popped-up out of nowhere. Concealer wouldn't cover the under-eye bags or sun spots. When did I get my mother's thighs? Nope. No way. I'm not going down like this.

And, like you, I had my share of watching loved ones succumb to debilitating age-related diseases and to the ravages of dementia. My businessman father retired under that palm tree, withered away from cancer and then took his own life when all hope was lost. My socialite mother lost her eyesight to macular degeneration, her breath to pulmonary hypertension, her strength to congestive heart failure, her pride to dementia and, ultimately, her life to a stroke. My father-in-law, a decorated pilot and military officer, expertly hid his progressive dementia, while secretly giving away his entire $1 million retirement to scammers over a five year period. Not happening. Not going to be how I end my story.

Genetics be damned. It was time to find out how to stop this nonsense. Anti-aging and brain health experts have now proven that genetics only plays a small part in determining your future health or lack of it. It's your LIFESTYLE that determines how well or unwell you'll be in the second half of your life. How you eat, drink, sleep, move, relax, smoke, think, learn, believe and socialize will determine your future. And THAT we can control.

A lifelong research nerd, I have spent years studying, collecting and compiling the research findings of today's leading anti-aging, brain health and dementia/Alzheimer's experts. I've methodically changed my lifestyle, bit-by-bit, to overhaul my life. I have changed the way I eat, move, sleep, de-stress, de-tox, learn and socialize. My next 30 years will be a wild ride, spinning around family, grandkids, travel, adventure, and any new fun experience that comes my way -- as my body and my mind will not limit me!

I can coach you to a renewed second half of your life, too. The courses I've created for you include the latest in anti-aging science from Dale Bredesen MD, Mark Hyman MD, David Perlmutter MD, Daniel Amen MD, Andrew Weil MD, Frank Lipman MD, Tom O'Brian DO, and many other leading experts in aging and brain health. So many exciting new discoveries, so many simple lifestyle tweaks that will bring you overwhelming benefits.

The fastest way to stop aging is to keep moving forward. Let's push forward together. 

Allison, with her great wealth of knowledge, focused on the totality of my health. I was motivated to make better choices daily for my overall wellbeing. I truly feel that I have "bloomed again," as I am now healthier and more equipped to face the decades ahead.

- Christine Gonzalez

Allison is amazing. She was fully present, asked great questions, really listened, got to the heart of the matter and kept the conversation authentically empowering and solution focused. I felt heard, valued and capable of more than I initially saw possible.

- Shari Marin

Working with Allison was very natural and I always felt supported -- more like a conversation with an old friend. She helped me to acknowledge some things that weren't working in my life. She helped get from "I should" to "I want to." Trust the process. It works!

- Veronica Padilla

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